Embrace the Spartan spirit!

Stanstead Colleges structured athletics program encourages teamwork, fair play, confidence, perseverance and, above all, health. Each term, students participate in one of many athletic options and have opportunities to compete against other schools and in tournaments. Regular practices take place after school four weekdays out of five, promoting skills development and physical fitness.

Although Stanstead College is a small school of approximately 200 students, the walls of our athletic facilities proudly display the many league, tournament and championship banners our teams have won over the years a testament to the excellence of our athletics program.


The name "Stanstead College" has become synonymous with hockey excellence. Over the past decade, the school has developed one of the finest hockey programs in eastern Canada. Read more


Stanstead College fields boys and girls basketball teams at all levels, including an elite varsity boys team, competing in local leagues as well as invitational and provincial tournaments. Read more


Fall is soccer season at Stanstead College, with competitive boys and girls teams at all levels. Each fall, the senior teams participate in the CAIS national tournaments. Read more


Football at Stanstead College is a tradition that goes back generations. The team faces competitors from Quebec and New England, with the annual Homecoming game a highlight of the fall season. Read more


Stanstead College fields competitive rugby teams at the junior and senior levels for boys and girls. The season is short but intense as athletes compete locally and in tournament play. Read more

Other sports

Cross-country running Cross-country running

Both a team and an individual sport, cross-country running at Stanstead College helps athletes push themselves to increase their speed and endurance through daily track and mixed-terrain training as well as organized meets against other schools. The school’s top runner receives the W. Greenshields Memorial Trophy.

Coaches 2017 Keri Reynolds, Christian Wells



Meets 2017

Sept. 19th 2017: 12:30 pm (Away) @ Massey-Vanier, Cowansville, Qc Sept. 23rd 2017: Triolet Invitational, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm (Away) @ Base Plein-Air Andre Nadeau, Sherbrooke, Qc Sept. 27th 2017: 3:00 pm (Home) - POSTPONED Oct. 1st 2017 : TBD (Away) @ RSEQ Regionals, Ecole Secondaire de Bromptonville, Bromptonville, Qc Oct. 11th 2017: 1:00 pm (Away) @ Alexander Galt Regional, Sherbrooke, Qc Oct. 17th 2017: 2:15 pm (Home), Stanstead, Qc Oct. 25th 2017: 1:00 pm (Away) Finals @ Bishop's College School, Sherbrooke, Qc


Outdoor pursuits Outdoor pursuits

Climbing, cycling, canoeing, conquering ropes strung from tree to tree – these are some of the challenges faced by participants in Stanstead College’s Outdoor Pursuit option. Students discover their environment and sometimes themselves throughout the beautiful but occasionally unpredictable fall season.

Coaches 2017 Pat Beaupre, Barbara Wilkinson




Activities 2017

Sept. 27th 2017: Kayaking @ Derby Pond & Wildlife Boat Launch, VT Sept. 29th 2017: Hiking @ TBD Oct. 11th 2017: Hiking @ Johnville Bog Oct. 13th 2017: River Tracing @ Ones Cloutier Trail Oct. 18th 2017: Hiking @ Lac Stukely in Parc Orford, Orford Oct. 20th 2017: Hiking @ Marais de la Riviere aux Cerises, Magog
Intramurals Intramurals

This non-competitive program offers students a chance to remain active and fit through a combined program that includes badminton, volleyball, badminton and walking.

Coaches 2017 Christopher McDonald, Natasha Mosdossy

Squash Squash

Players meet daily on the school's two squash courts to practice and improve their skills in preparation for meets and tournaments. Boys and girls also compete against teammates to rise to the top of the in-house squash ladder.

Coaches 2017-18  Jean-Jacques Prévost, Laura Kirby




Season 2017-18

Feb. 21, 2018: 4:00 pm, (Home) Bishop's College School, Stansteac, Qc Feb. 28, 2018: 1:00 pm Squash Clinic (by Timur Burganov)




Swimming Swimming

The Stanstead College swim team is one of the more popular winter sports options and also one of its more competitive. Boys and girls compete at the bantam, junior and senior level. Practices take place at the La Ruche Sports Complex in Magog. In 2013-14, the Stanstead swim team were crowned ETIAC champions.

Coaches 2017-18 Nicki Campbell, Natasha Mosdossy




Season 2017-18

Nov. 29, 2017: 1:30 pm, Practice Meet (Away) Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Qc Jan. 12, 2018: 1:30 pm, BCS Meet #1 (Away) Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Qc Jan. 17, 2017: 12:45 pm, MVR Meet #2 (Away) Massey-Vanier, Cowansville, Qc Jan. 26, 2018: 1:30 pm, Galt Meet #3 (Away) Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Qc Feb. 7, 2018: 12:00 pm, SC Meet #4 (Away) Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Qc Feb. 21, 2018: 1:00 pm, ETIAC FINALS (Away) Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Qc



Cross-country skiing Cross-country skiing

Student skiers make the most of what winter throws their way by taking to the outdoors on cross-country skis. Besides improving their skills and techniques on and around the vast College campus, skiers head out a number of times each season to some of the fine trails that wind through the region.

Coaches 2017-18 Barb Wilkinson, Pat Beaupre





Feb. 7, 2018: 1:45 pm (Away) Parc National du Mont Orford - Secteur du Lac-Stukely, Orford, Qc Feb. 21, 2018 1:45 pm (Away) Parc National du Mont Orford - Secteur du Lac-Stukely, Orford, Qc Feb. 28, 2018 1:45 pm (Away) Parc National du Mont Orford - Secteur du Lac-Stukely, Orford, Qc
Curling Curling

Introduced in 2013-14, the Stanstead College curling team will participate in several bonspiels during the winter season. Their home base and practice facility will be the historic Border Curling Club in Beebe.

Curling is a popular, low-impact, life-long sport for both genders. It is not weather dependent or cost prohibitive. Curling is played around the world and has been an Olympic event since 1998. Every Canadian team has medaled at each Olympics since 1998 with the Men’s and Women's Team both winning gold in 2014 in Sochi.

Coaches 2017-18 Chris Planetta, Audrey Hamilton


Season 2017-18

Nov. 29, 2017: 3:30 pm (Away) Bishop's College School, Sherbrooke, Qc Dec. 5, 2017: 3:30 pm (Away) Alexander Galt, Sherbrooke, Qc Dec. 11, 2017: 4:15 pm (Home) Richmond Regional High School Jan. 16, 2018: 3:30 pm (Away) Massey-Vanier, Cowansville, Qc Jan 24, 2018: 4:00 pm (Home) Bishop's College School Jan. 31, 2018: 4:15 pm (Home) Massey-Vanier Feb. 7, 2018: 4:00 pm (Away) Richmond Regional High School (Danville Curling Club), Danville, Qc Feb. 19, 2018: 4:00 pm (Home) Alexander Galt Feb. 21, 2018: 4:00 pm (Away) Richmond Regional @ Danville Club Feb. 28, 2018: 1:00 pm (Away) ETIAC Playoffs @ Lennoxville Curling Club, Qc


Tennis Tennis

Students compete in the ETIAC league and at selected tournaments.

Coaches 2018 Christian Williams, Jean-Jacques Prévost


Golf Golf

With their home base at Dufferin Heights Country Club – one of the most beautiful and panoramic courses in the Eastern Townships – the Stanstead College golf team participates in several tournaments during the spring season.

Coach 2018 Lisa Smith


Softball Softball

Four in-house softball teams take to the diamond each spring in this recreational athletic option. Up for grabs is the season title and MVP honours.

Coaches 2018 Laura Kirby, Rebecca Binizri

Badminton Badminton

Coaches 2018 Brandan Varro, Caroline Pérusse


Lacrosse Lacrosse

After a very successful first year in 2013-14, the lacrosse program is continuing to improve and now has a solid base of returning players. The team is looking forward to hosting its first home game in the spring season.

Coaches 2018 Luc Charest, Michael Fowlis


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