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Terry Fox Run at Stanstead

Students and faculty at Stanstead College took part in the annual Terry Fox Run on Thursday following a presentation in LeBaron about the legendary Canadian and an all-school photo in the heart.

In 1980, Terry Fox attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Stanstead College holds its own run every year in September. A free dress day Friday in exchange for a contribution represented our contribution to the cause.

For the second year, there were no prizes for the fastest to run the three laps around the permiter of the campus. Instead, students were recognized for their perseverance -- capturing the spirit of Terry Fox. 

Running the most laps among the girls were Elena Porter Galindo, Arisa Shimada with 12 laps each.

For the boys, QB and Martin Lefebvre ran 13 laps each. 

Honourable mentions for their long distance and heart go out to: 

Alexis Bernier, Jacob Von Sydow, Samuel Feldman, Josh Tremblay, Lucas Etienne – 12 laps each
Jeremie Gagnon, Maxwell Mayer, Fred Migneault, Dominic Pokora (Grade7!) – 10 laps each

The teacher who ran the most laps: Ms. Mosdossy with 6 laps

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